Version 4.1 of Power Surfacing Coming Soon

Hello Everyone! We are in the final Beta for Power Surfacing 4.1. We expect to release the second or third week of May in 2017. Cool new features include: 1) Assembly support 2) Macro feature support with automatic trim and knit 3) Offset Constraint 4) Curvature Continuity Constraints 5) New automatic and semi-automatic retopologizing tools in RE 6) Improved ShrinkWrap command 7) Reorganized UI layout along with many new tools.

Your Input is Needed!

Hello Power Surfacing Family,   Here at nPower, we are currently working on making the next release of Power Surfacing the best one to date! However we need your help and feedback.   Now is the perfect time for you, the user, to cite fixes,...

Power Surfacing 1.4 is out!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Power Surfacing for SolidWorks forum. Exciting news! Power Surfacing 1.4 has been officially released! Get your 30 day trial today by downloading at Power Surfacing Download Form.  For more information about the...

Power Surfacing

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Power Surfacing for Solidworks forum. We have released Power Surfacing!!!  Get a 30 day trial download at Power Surface Download Form.  The product page for power surfacing is: Power Sufacing...

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