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Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Power Surfacing for Solidworks forum. We have released Power Surfacing!!!  Get a 30 day trial download at Power Surface Download Form.  The product page for power surfacing is: Power Sufacing Overview.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think.  Overview and training videos are here: Power Surfacing Videos Have fun with it!

Please note that based on an extensive set of usability studies done while we were at Solidworks World, we will be making some user interface changes to the product to make things easier and less confusing within the next week or so.

Gary Crocker
CTO/IntegrityWare, Inc.

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Hi, sorry for my english as i am spanish.


I just downloaded the software but it do not work on 32 bit.


Did not see anywhere it was ONLY for 64 bit O.System.


Cant try it.


such a shame ,



Glad you like it!  The product is $1495 and includes all upgrades for one year.  If you purchase now you will get SW 12, 13 and 14 version when it comes out this summer.  You would need to purchase an upgrade to get it for SW 2015 when it comes out. 


Gary Crocker


Great product. Whats the licensing terms of this plug in? Will it run with multiple versions of SW (10,11,12 etc)? Can you install on Home license of Solidworks as well? Will the initial purchase include upgrades?




This is an IntegrityWare Product