Power Surfacing 2.0 is officially released!!!

Hey everyone!  We have no released Power Surfacing 2.0.  This is a very exciting release as we have added the following much requested functionality:


1) The ability to constrain Power Surfacing geometry to native Solidworks geometry and perform parametric updating.


2) The ability to control the shape of the Power Surfacing geometry using dimension driven construction planes and surfaces.


3) Level Of Detail - provides the ability to embed detail at lower subdivision levels into the model.  This gives you the ability to edit the shape 1, 2, 3 or 4 subdivisions while maintaining the original control polygon for higher level shape changes.


4) Curvature Display - provides interactive curvature display as you are making direct shape modification to the Sub-D surface.


5) Fixed the "File Bloat" and the "Wrong Sub-D" issues that occasionally surfaced in earlier 1.* versions.


We hope you like it!


Gary Crocker

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This is fantastic! With these new parametric constraint capabilities, Power Surfacing is really turning SolidWorks into an exceptionally powerful complex organic shape modeler and great industrial design tool! I feel like I've been waiting forever for CAD to evolve to this level. Can't wait to really start using it on projects.

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