Cannot Edit PowerBody feature.

When I try to go back and edit the PowerBody nothing happens.  I have restarted SW, computer multiple times and still the same thing.  Any ideas? I realy dont want to have to redo the part again.


Im using SW 2016,  with POwer Surfacing v3.01.0075 trial version.  Trying to determine if we want to purchase.  Mostly haven't had problems until now. 


Thank you.


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Hey Sirumph,

Sorry for the delay.  You may have moved on by now but I took a look at your file.  It does seem that our SubD data is gone for the body in the scene.  We have seen this happen and unfortunately, it is very difficult to track.  There are certainly ways to delete the internal data by doing a delete on the PowerBody for example.

Anyways, I'm not sure why this would have happened but we would love to try and track the issue down.  If we knew some of the other steps that occurred to cause the problem, that would be very helpful.

My guess is that there was either a problem with saving (perhaps unloading our add-in before saving) or there was some type of delete?

It would be great to try and figure this out if you want to take another look.

I apologize again for the delay.


I have the same thing happen quite regularly. I did not find out what causes this to happen yet. I started to save the SubD as a scene quite regularly and use the automatic Solidworks backups to lose not too much work. If the issue cannot be tracked, it would be nice if there was at least an option for an automatic backup of the subD scene every time you close the add-in.
Nothing is more annoying and expensive than having to redo the whole thing.


We have not been able to reproduce this on our side.  We would love to fix it but simply are not getting the feedback we need.  I apologize for this issue however while some have reported it, it seems to be some unique part of a workflow.  I suspect it is a particular SW operation or a combination of steps that creates the problem.  It seems top have to do with:

1:  Deleting Power Bodies in the tree.

2:  Going from Solid to surface or surface to solid.

3:  Creating multiple Power Bodies from a single subD conversion.

Anyways, if you are able to reproduce it, that would help immensely.  Typically, we get a customer contact us that the problem has happened and when I reach out, I never get another reply.  Additionally, some customers who do experience it end up changing their workflow to basically just import and convert when necessary without worrying about the connections.  This is unfortunate. 

When I get customer files, other possibilities for the source of the problem is that some users manually load and unload our add-in at times, which can cause problems with maintaining our 3rd party data within the part file.  If we aren't around to load or save, major problems can occur.  

I apologize but appreciate your message.


Hi Erik,

What you describe as last possible cause might be the issue. Since we collaborate between different users and customers, the file gets modified or even just saved on computers without powersurfacing available. From my observation, it does not need more than just a rebuild, and saving the file, to lose the SubD.
Since we cannot avoid this, it would be very nice if this could be fixed.

From my side, I see two workarounds: Have the SubD in an inserted Solidworks file, and having an automatic backup of the latest SubD every time the SubD gets changed. I think this should not be too hard to do?

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