Create Body - Issues, also 2016 co-install load issue.

Hi, I have 2015sp5 (and 2016) installed, primarily evaluating in 2015

Issue 1) on loading 2016 I get  the following error:

2016 error

Issue 2) Sometimes when I try to create a new powerbody from SW the create box button does nothing, only a restart of SW2015 fixes this.

Issue 3) When I am in the Powersurfacing session I can't create additional power bodies the create box won't drop down and clicking on the create box command does nothing.

Issue 4) The Powersurfacing and Powersurfacing RE tabs on the Solidworks menu don't behave reliably, I have seen two tabs for RE + 1 for PS at times and switching off the RE tab left me with an RE tab rather than a PS tab!

Thanks for any advice,  I last evaluated back in 1.1 and concluded the software was too flaky to rely on.



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