How to copy faces from one Power Feature into another Power Feature?

I'm designing a set of goggles that consist of hard plastic substrate with a soft rubber overmold. I created a Power Feature and designed the substrate geometry, and now I want to model the overmold geometry based on the substrate.

What I would like to do is copy existing faces from the substrate Power Feature into a new Power Feature to start modeling the overmold.

However, it doesn't seem like I can do this. I can copy faces from my existing Power Feature and create a new object which generates a separate SolidWorks body, but all the geometry still resides in the same Power Feature, and since the overmold geometry will be overlapping the substrate geometry, it's hard to edit the SubD without moving the wrong faces around.

I could create a second Power Feature in the Feature Tree for the overmold, but then I would have to model the overmold from scratch, i.e. create all new polygons rather than copy existing polygons from the substrate.





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