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I have been using the demo for about 5 days now and I'm really impressed with what it can do. However, I have not been able to replace any surface with a power surface generated with create from surface. I have followed the workflow precisely and even created similar geometry to the examples. I have converted in very fine mode with no modification to the sub-d, used vertex & edge constraints, etc. I always get "The feature could not be created because it would produce self-intersecting geometry" with replace face. If I try to knit there are gaps that are too large. I have weighted the corners to 100 as well with the same outcome. Am I missing something?ex1


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Hey MtCRaven,

Sorry for the delay.  Hopefully the rest of your demo went smoothly.  The "Create From Surface" tool was something we were trying to accomplish to give users a way to completely replace a surface and edit it.  Unfortunately, we had some issues on the implementation side where we couldn't quite fit the surface without modifying the SubD algorithm.  We ended up changing that tool so that it really just gives you a starting polygonal representation of a surface.  We allow users to change the edge count in both directions of the polygonal mesh we create but this mesh will never be a perfect representation of the original surface.  It will always be a loose approximation.

That work led us to the constraint system we developed which allows you to connect subD's to both the boundary edges of a surface or directly to the surface itself.  This was a better, more useable approach to replacing surfaces or simply using both Nurbs and SubD together to connect different shapes together.  If you haven't tried the constraints, I strongly suggest you take a look.

We also developed the interpolation command from what we learned.  That allows you to place a SubD mesh on a reference scan/tessellation mesh and suction down to it.  This is a very strong tool for recreating surfaces as well.

Anyways, we would be happy to extend your demo if you want to take another look and I apologize for not seeing your post earlier.


Thank you for your reply. I would very much like to give the demo another shot. After my original post I tried everything I could think of to remedy the issue. The only thing I could come up with that worked every time was to insert detail around the outside edge of a surface, delete the outer edge, generate the NURBS surface, hide original then create a filled surface in the resulting gap. It isn't ideal, but the inconvenience is far outweighed by the functionality of the software.

I believe if I have another chance to showcase this software to my employer that I can push for a purchase and would appreciate an extension. Thanks again!

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